By-Laws of the Massillon Baptist College Alumni and Fellowship

     “No article of these By-Laws shall ever be interpreted in such a way as to infringe upon or to jeopardize the absolute sovereignty of any and all local churches in fellowship with the Massillon Baptist College Alumni and Fellowship, nor shall the property rights, the local missionary and practical policies, or the autonomy of any self-governing Fellowship church ever be endangered in any way by these By-Laws or by the Fellowship as a whole.”



Article 1.  Fellowship


     The Massillon Baptist College Alumni and Fellowship is a Fellowship of those who have attended and/or graduated from the Massillon Baptist College, along with supporting Pastors, supporting individuals, and friends of the Massillon Baptist College. The basis of fellowship shall be that participants must believe in, and subscribe to, the “Articles of Faith” as adopted by the Massillon Baptist College and these By-Laws.



Article 2.  Objective


     The objective of the Fellowship is two-fold. The primary objective is to assist the Massillon Baptist College by promoting the school, by the recruiting of students, and by encouraging its faculty, as well as by helping in a tangible way when possible.

     A secondary objective will be to assist in the establishment of new churches, at home and abroad, by making such needs known to the “Alumni and Fellowship,” and, further, to give opportunity or encouragement to individual pastors and their congregations to support in any way they can, or see fit. Pastors and missionaries who need personal support, and churches and various ministries experiencing difficulties, may also be considered.



Article 3.  Officers


Section 1

     Officers of the Massillon Baptist College Alumni and Fellowship will be Alumni who are in good standing with the Fellowship, and who are actively serving in local church ministry or under the authority of a local church ministry.


Section 2

     The officers of the Fellowship will be:

·         President

·         Vice-President

·         Treasurer/Secretary



Article 4.  Term of Office


Section 1

     The term of office will be three (3) years.


Section 2

     A person holding an office may succeed himself in that same office for one additional term.


Section 3

     A person holding one office for two consecutive terms may be elected to another office, but not the same office (i.e., a person who has been treasurer for six years may become the president, and serve there for six years).



Article 5.  Finances


Section 1 – Income

a.     It is requested that all alumni pay the annual dues of $10.00.

b.      The Fellowship requests that an offering be received at each meeting for the Fellowship.


Section 2 – Expenditures

a.     The officers have the right to use Alumni funds for the day-to-day operation of the Alumni Fellowship.

b.      Any proposed expenditure by the officers exceeding the sum of $1,000.00 is to be brought before the Alumni/Fellowship before the expenditure is made.



Article 6.  Meetings and Voting


Section 1

     The President, Vice-President, or Treasurer will chair all business meetings.


Section 2

     The Fellowship generally meets the Thursday and Friday of the third full week in September, January, and May. Each meeting shall be hosted by any Alumni or Friend of Alumni that is in good standing with the Alumni Fellowship.


Section 3

     Voting will be by members in good standing with the Fellowship. “Good standing” is defined as: actively attending Fellowship meetings when possible, and paying of Alumni dues.


Section 4

     Issues will pass upon receiving a simple majority.



Article 7.  Amendments


     These By-Laws may be amended only at the May meeting of the Massillon Baptist College Alumni and Fellowship by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting.



Article 8.  This Document


     This document shall supersede all previously adopted documents and previous floor actions. Today’s date: __________________________

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